Coronavirus Outbreak 2020


The current coronavirus outbreak has disrupted our daily activities in multiple ways. For the activities of the University of Zurich, it means an adaptation period where all teaching and most research activities have transitioned to online platforms. All the staff from UZH is striving to keep - to the best of our capabilities - all our range of offerings unchanged, while preserving the highest standards. This also applies to the UZH CAS in Blockchain. In this period, all of us have gathered enormous experience in teaching online, while keeping the necessary communication with our students and ensuring the necessary interactivity in the class.

As of today (April 2020), a scenario where restrictions to mobility or gatherings (affecting lectures in Swiss Universities) still apply in the Autumn of 2020 cannot be ruled out. Upon consultation, all lecturers (professors, researchers and practitioners) have confirmed participation in the programme of UZH CAS in Blockchain, independently of whether it is online or face-to-face. Therefore, we are happy to assure that the high quality, depth and breath of the programme will remain the same, whether it takes place in a normal classroom or in a virtual one.

The situation is rapidly evolving, and we hope it to improve, however, please get in contact with us to learn more details and/or last minute updates.

Last updated on 10.04.2020

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